Wisconsin Sports Headlines 4/3/2020

The Latest Sports Headlines: 

>>Deal With Funchess Leaves Pack With $11M In Cap Space

(Green Bay, WI)  — The signing of free-agent wide receiver leaves the Green Bay Packers with 11 million dollars in cap space. The N-F-L Network announced Thursday Funchess signed a one-year contract worth two-and-a-half million dollars. Free-agent signings have slowed because the medical exams necessary before an agreement becomes final are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the reasons there hasn’t been much movement in the group of available wide receivers is the pass catchers eligible for the 2020 N-F-L Draft later this month. It seems to be filled with quality.


>>Budenholzer Echoes Bucks GM:  “(We) Have A Mentality That We Will Play”

(Milwaukee, WI)  — Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer says he and his staff “have a mentality that we will play.”  Bucks players are said to be staying in shape by using in-home exercising equipment and regiments. Milwaukee had the best record in the N-B-A when play was stopped at 53-and-12.  Budenholzer says it’s important for his players and coaches to function that way because it is out of their hands. Some team officials apparently see a value in getting a mental break. Currently, there is no timeline for a return to action on the court.


>>New UW Coach Has Something To Prove After GB Firing

(Madison, WI)  — The new wide receivers coach for the Wisconsin Badgers has something to prove after being fired by the Packers after just one season. The Packers approach this off-season illustrates the fact that Alvis Whitted was dealing with a lack of talent in Green Bay, but he still lost his job. Whitted says it bothers him to be fired, but he’s ready to channel all of his energy into the Badgers receiving corps. He and his family are still living in Green Bay because the coronavirus pandemic has stopped their house-hunting efforts aimed at moving to Madison.


>>Former Badger Sam Dekker Lucky To Make It Back Home

(Sheboygan, WI)  — Former Badger Same Dekker says his flight back to the U-S from Turkey was the last international flight allowed to leave Istanbul.  Dekker says one or more players on his professional basketball team in Russia tested positive for COVID-19. He did 14 days of self-quarantine, then left Russia on the 15th day, spent one night in Istanbul and flew to the U-S the next day.  Dekker is now under self-quarantine again in Sheboygan where he is living with his wife, Olivia.


>>Marquette Is Doing A Lot Of Shopping For New Players Virtually

(Milwaukee, WI)  — One of the more than 500 college basketball players who have entered the transfer protocol is being connected to Marquette.  Six-foot-four guard Justin Turner of Bowling Green averaged almost 19 points and more than four-and-a-half rebounds-a-game last season.  He would be immediately eligible as a graduate transfer. Turner has reportedly narrowed his choices for a new team to Marquette, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa State, Xavier and Louisville. He’s said to be a solid three-point shooter, but at his best when he attacks the rim off the dribble.  Marquette has three open scholarships for next season.