Wisconsin Sports Headlines – 5/7/2020

The Latest Sports Headlines: 

>>Only 3 NBA Teams Plan To Return To Practice Friday – Not Bucks

(Milwaukee, WI)  —  Although the league has opened the door to a return to practice, only three NBA teams have said they will start Friday – the Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers. The Milwaukee Bucks won’t open things up Friday, but are reportedly looking at a day next week. Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order would make that difficult, but it is being challenged before the state Supreme Court and a ruling could come any day. The NBA has given the teams a 14-page to-do list to ensure a safe and clean environment for the players.


>>Favre To Repay $1.1M To State Of Mississippi

(Jackson, MS)  —  Former Packer Brett Favre has made arrangements to repay one-point-one million dollars to the state of Mississippi.  The Hall of Fame quarterback got the money from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program in 2017 and 2018. Published reports indicated it was payment for speaking engagements and appearances which he didn’t attend.  State Auditor Shad White says Favre paid his office a half-million dollars Wednesday and has made arrangements to repay the rest in installments over the next few months.  The money will eventually wind up with the Mississippi Department of Human Services for welfare-related expenditures.


>>Conservation Congress Voters Reject Longer Gun Deer Season

(Madison, WI)  —  Wisconsin’s outdoor enthusiasts have emphatically rejected the idea of more than doubling the length of the state’s gun deer season.  The Natural Resources Board had proposed extending the nine-day gun deer season to 19 days. More than 42-thousand of the 57-thousand votes collected by the Wisconsin Conservation Congress said “no.”  This year’s spring hearings were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The questionnaire was conducted online.  The vote is only a recommendation.


>>WR Valdes-Scantling:  Rodgers Is “Best Quarterback To Ever Throw A Football”

(Green Bay, WI)  —  Packers wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling says he’s confident future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn’t going anywhere any time soon.  Speaking on a C-B-S Sports Radio talk show, Valdes-Scantling says Rodgers is “the best quarterback to ever throw a football.”  Questions have been raised since the team drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan Love number-one.  Valdes-Scantling is firm, saying, “12 is the guy,” adding, Rodgers will be Green Bay’s quarterback “for years to come.”  Since the Packers didn’t draft any wide receivers, it’s up to players like Valdes-Scantling to step up and give him good targets as the team tries to equal or better last season’s 13-and-3 record.