Wisconsin’s “Real ID” Requirement Begins Next Year

Photo: A sample of what a “Real ID” card looks like. Courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. 

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is reminding residents
about a new identification requirement that will go into place one year from
now. Starting October 1st, 2020, any Wisconsin resident who plans on
flying, entering a federal building or military base will need to get a “REAL-ID”
compliant drivers license. The state currently offers both REAL-ID compliant
and non-compliant drivers licenses and ID cards. Both cards look similar, but the
REAL-ID has a white and black star in the top-right corner of the license. The state
has been offering these “REAL-ID” cards since 2013. To obtain a “REAL-ID” card,
visit your local DMV office. Learn more about the ID cards here.