WisDOT Project Manager Discusses Feedback on Highway 23 Project

The first stages of construction work are already
underway for the Highway 23 expansion project between Fond du Lac and Plymouth,
and while the project won’t make it to Fond du Lac County for another year or
so, Department of Transportation leaders have been hearing feedback from people
in the area that will be impacted by the work in the coming years. DOT Project
Manager Bryan Learst says the majority of comments they heard at a recent public
meeting on the project dealt with access changes for people who live along
Highway 23. “Obviously if you’ve lived on a property for 30-plus years, 20-plus
years, 10-plus years and this is the way you’ve always driven it, you’re going
to feel strongly about any change to that,” Learst said. “We just try our best
to explain why we’re doing it, how it’s safer, any alternate routes that you
can take to get around to lessen that impact.” 

Overall, Learst says the
feedback to the project overall has been positive. Construction began in May on
the Sheboygan County end of the project, with work scheduled to enter Fond du
Lac County next year, and reach the City of Fond du Lac in 2021 and 2022.

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