WISNET Creates Local Website For FDL-Area Restaurants

The game has certainly changed in the restaurant world when COVID-19 hit. The Fond du Lac area is no different than others, with a great many food choices available. The biggest challenge for many is finding out who is open, what the menu looks like, and are there delivery/pick-up/curbside options. A local company has now solved a big piece to that puzzle.

WISNET of Fond du Lac has created FDL.ORDER-OUT.com in partnership with Downtown Fond du Lac. Now, you can click here https://fdl.order-out.com/ to find your favorite local restaurants who offer curbside, pick-up or delivery. Joe Truesdale, from WISNET, said the project took about four weeks to go from concept to launch, and he thinks the site will be even more important once the “Safer At Home” order is lifted, and visitors return to the Fond du Lac area, and the downtown area specifically.