With Heat On The Way, Remember The Basics

Wednesday marked “Heat Awareness Day” in Wisconsin, and with temperatures expected to reach the 90s this weekend in the state, health officials say it’s a good time to remember the basics of staying safe in extreme heat. Fond du Lac County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller tells KFIZ News that everyone, regardless of age should know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.   

“It can affect anybody. So if you’re feeling overheated, weak, dizzy, nauseated, have some muscle cramps, you might be experiencing a heat illness. It’s really important for you to move into that air conditioning, drink lots of water, use a fan, put a cool wash cloth on your forehead.”  

Mueller says it’s important to take heat illnesses seriously, and to keep an eye on how you and those around you are feeling if you are planning to spend time outside during a heat wave. More information about heat awareness can be found at readywisconsin.wi.gov