WMH Hosts Partners Of WHA District Meeting

The Waupun Memorial Hospital (WMH) Auxiliary served recently as host to the district meeting for the Partners of WHA at the Rock River Country Club in Waupun.


The Partners of WHA is committed to advocating for the health of its communities and advancing the success of local healthcare volunteer organizations, through the coordination and provision of volunteer education, development resources, and leadership opportunities.


The Partners of WHA is a statewide network of hospital volunteer organizations. The state is divided into seven districts which meet twice a year. The state organization has a convention every fall where volunteers meet to exchange fund-raising ideas and learn skills to enhance their contribution to their healthcare organization.


WMH Auxiliary members had the opportunity to host the first district meeting, which served as the first combined meeting for the new district. It was at this April meeting in Waupun that the Lake Winnebago District and the Lake Michigan District voted to adopt new bylaws forming the Lakes District. 


Former District Chairs Peg Larson (Oshkosh) and Sue Leibham (Sheboygan) were elected co-chairs of the new district for the first year. Jackie Halverson, from Ripon Medical Center, became the district chair elect, and Mary Ann Langill, from Menominee, became the secretary-treasurer. 


The new district consists of five medium size hospitals, four critical access (25 beds) hospitals and one community health organization.  Each has a good base of experienced volunteers to support the group. The new district will continue the strong tradition of Partners in northeast Wisconsin.


In The Picture: Waupun Memorial Hospital Auxiliary members were proud to host the spring Partners of WHA district meeting in Waupun. Those attending were (left to right, seated) Donna King, Boots Pomplun, Betty Schoonover, Marlene Teleske; and (left to right, standing) Carol Edmunds, Betty Buchholz, Clarice Braatz, Clarice Koenig, Henri Raith, Marilyn Siedschlag, Delores Zastrow, Nancy Zimmerman, Marilyn Hopp, Mary Ehlert, Betty Dvork and Justine Port.