Woman Who Had Affair With FDL Murder Victim Was Warned Off

The day before a Fond du Lac man was murdered his wife warned off a woman who was having an affair with him. Kimberly Bebow testified Friday in the murder trial of Eve Nance. Bebow said on Halloween of 2013 she took her kids trick or treating in Oshkosh, but slipped and hurt a foot. She went to urgent care and texted Tim Nance about it. Late that night she got another text from his phone laced with expletives warning her not to see him again. Eve Nance allegedly shot and killed her husband the next day. Bebow said there had been two occasions when she was with Tim Nance that they had run-ins with Eve Nance one at the Nance home. Police prompted Bebow to call Nance after Tim Nance had gone missing. They recorded the call and in the recording Bebow said detectives had been talking to her about that night at the Nance home and asked Eve Nance if they had talked to her about the incident. Nance said she didn’t recall it. Prosecutors could finish calling their witnesses in the case this afternoon or tomorrow.