Woodworth Food Drive

Woodworth Middle School staff and students conducted a canned food drive with the goal of collecting 1,000 cans. They not only reached their goal, but surpassed it by collecting 1,192 cans. Festival Foods of Fond du Lac heard about the school’s project and got involved by matching with a 1,000-can donation of their own.  Pictured are some of the 7th grade students (left to right) that participated: (seated) Emma Guelig, Annabelle Bohn, Madison Hughes, and Brooke McDowell; (second row) Abby Zidarich, Shannon Borndahl, Desiree Snyder, and Amelia Wehner; (back row) Jaydin Romalia, Payton Walgenbach, Brianna Pierce, and Liz Ziegler along with 7th grade teacher, Margaret Hayes (left), Festival Foods representative Kurt Gilhart (second from right), and Fond du Lac Food Pantry representative Darcy Zeleske (right).