Work Continues to Progress on New FDL County Highway Garage

Workers continue to put the finishing touches on the new
Fond du Lac County Highway Garage. The new facility is located on Hickory Road
just south of U.S. Highway 151, and will replace the current garage on Dixie
Street which went into service in 1929. The site includes the highway garage, a
cold storage facility, two salt storage facilities and additional space for
Fond du Lac County Senior Services to store their vehicles.

Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel tells us the
new facility also includes space for the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Impound
Lot – which he explains has an average of around 25 vehicles being held there
at a time. Many of those vehicles are waiting to be used as evidence in a
trial, and Buechel says the new facility will make sure they are stored
properly. “Right now they’re parked outside, but human tissue degrades in the
elements and sometimes that can become an issue,” Buechel said. “We don’t want
that to affect a very serious case, so we decided as part of this project we
were going to include the sheriff’s impound so we have inside parking.” Buechel
says the impound area also includes space for the Wisconsin State Patrol or
other agencies working to investigate an accident to work in a dry and heated

The new facility is set to be complete sometime in
November, with an open house being planned close to Thanksgiving. See photos and floor plans of the new highway garage here.