Workers Rescued from Silo at Cargill Malt in Sheboygan

Three employees at the Cargill Malt plant in Sheboygan had
to be rescued from a malt silo Tuesday morning. Sheboygan firefighters responded
to the scene just before 10:30 am for a report of a man trapped up to his neck
inside a silo at Cargill Malt. Firefighters discovered there were three workers
inside of the silo. The first two workers were rescued within an hour – with assistance
from the Sheboygan County Technical Rescue Team, Cargill employees and a vacuum
truck from the City of Sheboygan Public Works Department. Those workers were
checked at the scene and released. It took longer to rescue the third worker,
who was taken to the hospital for treatment. His injuries are not expected to
be life-threatening. Authorities say over 30 emergency responders were on scene
for up to four hours during the rescue efforts.