Worlds Largest Grill Cooking Up Johnsonville Brats For FDL Boys And Girls Club

The Fond du Lac Boys & Girls Club will benefit from a brat fry today like no other. The Club is teaming up with Johnsonville for the ultimate brat fry. Boys & Girls Club Executive Director Dan Hebel says 225 kids a day are using their summer school program and throughout the year they provide programs for nearly 1,200 kids. Steve Benbenista of Johnsonville says the “Big Taste Grill” has raised nearly $4 million for community programs. The “World’s Largest Grill” will be parked in the Fives Giddings and Lewis Parking Lot. The brat fry is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Benbenista says it can cook 750 brats at a time or 2,500 an hour and has a 6,000 pound lid. Hebel says they hope to sell at least 2,000 brats.