YMCA Membership for All Campaign

The Fond du Lac YMCA is kicking off their Membership for All campaign – offering financial assistance for those who may need a little help paying for the fees. 

Membership Engagement Director Ben Giles says the new focus for the program is same-day approval and how assistance is offered for those in need. He tells us “we are actually approving on the spot. Same-day approval, you come in and give us income verification and tax documents to basically help us see what your true income is, and once we see that, we set a rate that is reduced from our normal membership so that you’re able to come in and utilize that program and live a healthier lifestyle.” 

Giles adds that “there is also assistance available for programs as well. So if you want
to come in and sign your kids up for basketball or swim lessons or sign up for
a program yourself, we also have financial assistance options for those too.”

The top household income level to apply for the current program is about $45,000-$50,000 a year. Applications for the program are available online or in-person at the Fond du Lac YMCA.